Trolls, Angry Cats, and Other Oddities

No, this isn’t a post about DnD or R. L. Stein. We aren’t talking about hobbits or a ring. This post is about the trolls that inhabit the underworld known as Social Media.

In follow up to the post from a few days ago on being whiny, I’d like to discuss the habits of what are commonly referred to online as trolls. They are so prevalent that there is no escaping them. I’ve even heard people who did experiments by posting videos by Zig Ziggler, that anyone should be able to enjoy, and they got hate comments. Are you not getting trolled? Then you aren’t doing enough.

Not that it should be a goal to attract these trolls, but if you develop any size of audience, you will surely have at least a few angry little people who just want to spew forth their anger at anyone who gets in their way. Just know, trolls are a part of life. Don’t try to avoid them, and by all means do not feed into them. The best thing that can be done with these “haters” is to ignore them.

Don't feed the trolls

Just go over to YouTube and find your favorite channel. Now go to any video that has several comments and you can bet that there will be at least a few negative comments. AS stated before, there is no avoiding it. Just realize that and move on. If you want to be successful, you are going to have to learn to let some of that roll off your back.

Do you get angry comments to blog posts? Maybe you get negative feedback on your eBay page. I’ve gotten into debates with people on all sorts of platforms. Yes, I love to debate people, but it is frustrating when people cannot stick to facts and they just want to throw out personal attacks.

I’ve even had posts where I was trying to open peoples’ eyes and help them try to pull themselves out of the mess they are in, and they defend that mess to the bitter end. That gets me more than anything. No matter how uncomfortable a person’s comfort zone really is, they will defend it ’til their dying breath unless someone is finally able to reach them. I often try to help people see a better way of thinking, and many only get angry. I pour my heart out trying to help, and am met with anger. I just don’t get that. Well, I do, but it does not make it any less frustrating.

Just say “No to Trolls”.