Volume 3 is HERE!

After a few delays, the third installment in the Average Joe series is finally here, and available on Kindle right now.

An Average Joe’s Common Sense Guide to Parenting

Parenting Guide Book Cover

Being a proud father, this was not only an easy one to write, but quite enjoyable. Parenting isn’t rocket science… it’s HARDER.

While, in most cases, Common Sense seems to give way to “book learning”, it is possible for them to coexist. Striking the balance is the trick. most people tend to lean one way or the other. Either they rely completely on their formal education, or they rely purely on intuition. Either of these models is a recipe for disaster.

Yes, I talk a lot about common sense, and how it has been replaced by specialized knowledge. And it is very much true that all the knowledge int eh world, if not applied effectively, is worthless. But, wisdom (referred to here as common sense) and knowledge are designed to work together. Draw on your knowledge, and apply wisdom and life will be a lot easier.

That is what I hope to pass along to my children. They are going to acquire knowledge from a multitude of places. I hope to help them be able to discern what makes sense from that knowledge and be able to apply it to their current situation. To use the example from the book, and one we are all familiar with:

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom (Common Sense) is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

That’s a pretty simple example, but it illustrates the point quite well. We need both Knowledge and Wisdom to live a balanced life. The wisdom aspect is the one that seems increasingly lacking in our society. Please, help out the next generation. Head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of An Average Joe’s Common Sense Guide to Parenting. Not that you need the guide as a parent, but so that you can help to impart common sense on the next generation.

The word of the day is Common Sense. Spread the word.