Angry or Just Whiny?

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to get started on this topic for a while now. Social media is filled with posts on politics. While some actually do make good points, it’s difficult to get to that point for the delivery. Outrageous statements, or in some cases blatant fabrications, draw the focus away from the actual topic. In this post, I want to implore people to take a look at the rhetoric they are sharing on social media, and try to boil it down to the real issue.

No Whining Zone

If you want examples, all you would have to do is jump on Facebook for about 30 seconds, but I’ll give you a couple just to get the ball rolling. Let’s look at an example from each side of the proverbial isle as I do not want my own political opinion to enter the conversation at this time. There will be plenty of opportunity for that later.

Whether or not you believe we did the right thing by invading Iraq, you are entitled to your opinion. Heck, even if your opinion is swayed one way or the other by false sources, it matters not. They are your opinions. I would be more than happy to have a rational discussion with anyone on this topic IF they could stick to only facts. Statements like “no blood for oil” or “War is not the answer” are mere platitude and have no place in a rational discussion. As a matter of fact, that last one is one of the worst since every evil dictator in history, that was ousted prior to his death, was done so by use of force.

Now, for the other side of the coin. Whether you are for or against the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, please stick to the facts. We can have all sorts of conversations based around level of care, expenses involved, taxation and such. But please don’t come at me talkign about Death Squads and other such nonsense. Again, these statements have no place in a sane, rational debate. Don’t tell me it’s free, because it isn’t. And don’t tell me it is going to lead to countless deaths as a direct result, because it’s not going to do that either. And by all means do not bring race into the equation. Debating the topic of health care is NOT a racial issue. It’s a Human Race issue.

Seriously people. This is Bill, a.k.a. the Average Joe here. Can we not use a little old fashion common sense when having these discussions?

This is the first post on this topic. I propose we start spreading a message of cooperation. Not that we all need to agree, but rather that we should learn to disagree gracefully.

The truth is, once we were given free will, disagreement was a foregone conclusion. When people ask, “Can’t we all get along?” simply respond with, “No, we cannot”. It is actually impossible. But, we can be civil. So, you decide. Do you want to spew hate, shine like a baby, or have a civil, rational discussion? I choose the latter.

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