Common Sense Restroom Etiquette

If you are like me, public restrooms can be a source of great anxiety. Who could blame you? The lack of privacy is bad enough, but on top of that, it’s a nasty place. You never really know how hygienic your predecessor may have been.

We’ve all been there. You hear strange noises coming from a stall and think, “What are they doing in there?” Maybe you walk into the mess of someone having caused a clog then left it for the next unsuspecting patron, namely you in this instance. What’s worse is if it has overflowed onto the floor.  (Why did I decide to write this while eating lunch???)

Cution Wet Floor sign

Personally, I hate using a stall when someone else is in the stall beside me. And, it really gets on my nerves when someone comes into the next stall after I intentionally waited until it was vacant.

Speakign of vacant stalls, have you ever mistakenly thought one was unoccupied and barged in on someone with a surprised look? It only took once for me to learn to look for feet.

So, where am I going with this? Well I’m glad you asked. I’m actually getting a jump on promoting my upcoming installment in the Average Joe series, and asking for your help in the process. Currently I have the concept and initial outline completed for An Average Joe’s Guide to Bathroom Etiquette. It may be a slow process however as I can’t get more than a line or two written without laughing out loud, literally.

And this is where I ask for your help. The last chapter of the book is titled “Tales from the Bowl”. As you can imagine, the intent is to share horror stories from embarrassing restroom moments and other humorous bathroom “adventures”. Do you have a Bathroom incident you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below, or come on over to the Average Joe Facebook Page and leave a comment there. If you would rather stay anonymous, we can arrange that too. Feel free to email me at and we can leave the names out at your request.

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