Mighty Hero

Believe it or not, YOU are a Mighty Hero. You just may not know it yet.

This Average Joe blog post was inspired by a passage from the Bible. Judges Chapter 6 is detailing why the chosen people have been allowed to suffer at the hands of the Midianites.  In verse 11 we are introduced to a man whose name will become synonymous with one who leads into battle.

Mighty Hero

Gideon is busy stashing away wheat so that it will not be found. He is convinced that the Midianites will overtake them, and he hopes to hide this grain so that they will not confiscate it. In this act of a fearful man, nobody would have walked up to him and thought, “What a Mighty Hero”, but that is exactly what he was to become. But, much like us at times, Gideon did not yet know this.

As Gideon goes about his work, the Angel of the Lord comes to him. The first words the angel speaks to Gideon are “Mighty hero, the Lord is with you”. Imagine this scene. The guy is frantically hiding wheat from what he feels is an imminent threat, and the first words from the angel are to refer to him as “Mighty hero”.  Gideon certainly was not feeling like a hero.  After spending the next verse protesting, the angel then spoke, “Go with the strength you have, and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you”.

Have you ever had one of these moment? A moment where despite your fears, something cast you into the mix to the point you could not refuse?  The use of the term Mighty hero must have seemed odd to Gideon. He was afraid and felt ill-equipped to handle the challenge that was placed in front of him. When he heard “Mighty hero” he had to be thinking, “Who, me?” But, it was spoken into existence. The words were out there, and there was no taking it back.

Even without knowing it, even without understanding, or without feeling adequate, Gideon was called to greatness by the use of two words. This teaching falls in line with any motivational or positive thinking teacher of today. We don’t normally have an angel show up with such an affirmation, so we have to do it ourselves. Let me get the ball rolling for you.


Say that to yourself. Say, “I am a Mighty hero!” Feel better? Of course, it isn’t instant. Saying it yourself, one time, doesn’t’ have the same impact as an angel of the Lord saying it, but over time, it will work. Whatever you believe to be true about yourself will become true.

You have to know who you are. You must BE that mighty hero, even before you believe yourself to be. A basketball player taking a free throw visualizes the ball going through the hoop before releasing the ball. You have to see yourself winning long before you get to the finish line.