Positive Feedback and New Releases

So far, the Average Joe book series is getting some really good feedback. Here are a small sampling of what people are saying.

Via Amazon reviews: 5 star rating

Although Bill mentions Journalists and the lack of common sense we tend to use, I believe there are much that can we learned in his book. Parents with school-ages children must read this before the school year begins. Insightful for a first book, Bill.

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A good read!  Makes Sense!!!  Thanks +Bill Gelwick

And now, for tomorrow, August 15th, I will be releasing Volume #2 for free via the kindle store. An Average Joe’s Common Sense Guide to Environmentalism will be available for free download for one day only. This book challenges many of the allegations of man made global warming as put forth by many in the climate science community (but not all as you will learn) as well as the media and Washington.

My only request is, if you take advantage of this free offer, please leave a review on the Amazon page. Every review, whether you agree or completely disagree, is much appreciated.

cover - Environemnt

ps. Average Joe is taking on the topic of Parenting next. This is going to be a good one and is due out within the next week.