The Average Joe – An Exercise in Common Sense

Welcome to Average Joe. No, Average Joe isn’t a person, it is an idea. This idea revolves around taking a look at your world, and applying some common sense to the senselessness that surrounds us.

Common Sense

This site exists to support the book series, An Average Joe’s Common Sense Guide to <insert topic here>”. As of this posting, the first two books have been written and are scheduled for release this Friday, August 2nd 2013.

The first is the guide to Common Sense, which is to serve as sort of an intro to the entire series. The underlying theme of all this is to look at life with a little more common sense than what is commonly used, so we need to establish what tat looks like.

The second is on a topic that seriously needs a dose of common sense, Environmentalism. The truth of the matter is so buried in rhetoric and junk science that it is difficult to see with the naked eye. Only when you look at it through the lens of common sense does the answer become clear. This one will likely anger some people, but that’s okay. Feel free to come back here, or any of my social channels, and leave your feedback. I welcome dissenting viewpoints!